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Soul & Survival is a way at looking at life that makes sense. It is enlightening, useful and meaningful. Soul & Survival explains human behavior in simple everyday terms.

Some of these questions may be important to you

- Why do people treat me the way they do?

- Why does the same theme keep repeating in my life?

- Why do I react in the same way even when I know it is going to hurt me?

Soul & Survival explains the answers to all of these questions – life questions that plague many of us especially when times are stressful.

What does Soul & Survival mean to me?

Every one of us has a survival instinct that we inherited at birth. It is a special protective mechanism that our body utilizes in times of stress. There are seven distinctive survival instincts and each one of us belongs to one of those groups.

When we know about our own survival instinct we can get a deep understanding of who we are. If our partner (who may be in another survival instinct group or even the same group) also learns their own survival instinct, our relationship with them can deepen and both gain new acceptance.

How can the Soul & Survival principles help me?

Understanding Soul & Survival principles can have an immense impact on couples, families and work groups. These principles clarify the world we live in. When we know these principles we can recognize the motivation behind the action of others – even if that action is unconscious. Knowing why others do what they do makes the world comprehensible. Knowing ourselves means knowing where we come from, what our roots are and why we do the things we do.

How does understanding the motivation of others help me?

Many people make the basic error that they must control another person through directing an aspect of them such as their behavior, attitude, intelligence or appearance. When we know the basic needs of another person and through our love and respect for them are willing to supply these basic needs we are supplying them with their life blood. Being a willing participant in another person’s life through understanding and supplying their needs, both parties get the best out of that relationship. Making others feel good = others feel good about me. No-one is more loyal and loves you more than someone you have supported and given self esteem to.

Soul & Survival tells us what we need and it tells us what others need – a true win-win situation. Like a wise parent who supplies what their child truly needs, a deep and rewarding relationship will be the outcome.

Soul & Survival puts you in that state of knowing. To know what others need and how to be at home with yourself.

What are the colours?

Each survival instinct has a label to differentiate it from the other six. Because each group has its own strengths and weaknesses - but no single group is better or worse than any other - they need a neutral but meaningful label. Colours elicit a different emotional response but neither is better or worse than any other. So each type of survival instinct has been given its own colour

- Yellow

- Red

- Blue

- Orange

- Purple

- Green

- Brown

Each is distinctive to the others. Our individuality is based around our survival instinct and the qualities of its own color group.

What has the face to do with these survival instincts?

Our internal energy is reflected in our external appearance. We are the sum total of what we look like, how we behave and all the events that we have experienced. Each of us is unique and yet there is a blueprint to who we are. That blueprint is our survival instinct and our face is an objective way of determining which survival instinct we inherited.

Use our free online facial analysis wizard to help determine your survival instinct – take your time and choose each feature carefully.

Or you can send your photos to us and we will analyze them for you.

Where did Soul & Survival come from?

Over a ten year period more than a thousand people were interviewed about their health in a clinical setting. At the same time their life themes were examined to see what the relationship was to their current health crisis. A pattern emerged and became known as Soul & Survival.

What is our aim?

The author of Soul & Survival Grant Bentley, his family and clinical supporters from around the world have all experienced a self awareness and understanding that can take decades to learn through life experience alone. We want to share the Soul & Survival principles with you, to enrich your life experience and to help you in your own life journey and your relationships with others.

What the Soul & Survival website offers

- Free essays on Soul & Survival

- Free newsletter to advise of new Soul & Survival information (enter details in side bar above)

- The Soul & Survival book (400 pages detailing the qualities of human behavior and each survival instinct type)


I've been reading Soul & Survival over the break and haven't been able to put it down. What a brilliant book! I'm really loving it and of course it's also thrown up lots of questions about human nature and also about myself and my family. Anyway I just wanted to give you my feedback, it's a while since I've read a book that has kept me so completely engrossed. Fiona Lee Saunders, Qld, Australia

Soul and Survival being the latest instalment in the trilogy of Grant's books, is a must, not only for practitioners but anyone interested in learning about themselves and of course those around them. While we instinctively and intellectually know we are different from others, Soul & Survival is true insight and understanding. Most importantly it gives us a glimpse of how other people think, feel, act and say what they do! I say a glimpse, because that is all it can be - I will never stand in another person's shoes and 'know' them the way they 'know' themselves but I will now 'see' them much more clearly.
Jackie T, Melbourne

Soul & Survival is an amazing read, with universal appeal. It manages to encompass the many diversities of human nature with descriptions and stories that bring each group to life, while connecting with the individual essence of the reader at the same time. Soul & Survival is a modern day masterpiece, and a 'must have' for anyone wishing to better understand themselves and others.
Janine M

Grant has brought a unique understanding of the instinctual natures that each of us operates from with exceptional clarity in his brilliant book, Soul and Survival. This understanding takes away the 'why' and leaves 'just is' which is both freeing and enlightening. I have enjoyed the book immensely and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have more of an understanding about themselves, their family, friends, colleagues or even famous people.
Cherie T

Absolutely awesome. The planet desperately needs this knowledge. Not only did I relate at a very deep level to the colour and traditional role my facial analysis indicated, I now also feel a deep compassion and appreciation for the other six colours and traditional roles. Every colour (role) and person is needed and contributes so much. Thank you for opening my eyes.
Robyn W, Homeopath, Melbourne, Australia

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