Yellow Life Themes

Yellow people are often independent and commonly involved in either business or trade. Many display their need for independence at a very early age; although some may experience this trait negatively by feeling forsaken, separate and left out of the group. Yellow people are family minded with a specific emphasis on their blood relatives such as parents, siblings and children. These family ties can sometimes be to the exclusion of everyone else including their partner. Yellow people have active minds and are quick to spot an opportunity. They are often dynamic and love new and exciting ideas. Yellow people have a strong appreciation for money and material goods, especially the rare and expensive. Many value education and are drawn to the law. They are often pragmatic rational people, who believe in pragmatic rational solutions.

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Red Life Themes

Many red people have difficulty expressing themselves as accurately as they would like. Some red people are high achievers, while others highlight how busy they are through the day. Many red people use action instead of words and there is often a physical emphasis to their nature. Some red females will value physical beauty above any other attribute, while muscular strength and endurance are important marks of being a red man. If physical emphasis becomes negative, red people can sometimes feel a deep sense of ugliness or worthlessness that seems inappropriate to everyone else, but very real to them. The red survival instinct likes to bond and form specific intimate relationships. Many red people prefer small groups to large ones. Red are often linear thinkers preferring solutions to abstract thinking.

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Blue Life Themes

There are two types of blue people; those who are loners and those who love being part of a family or social group. Many blue people are highly social because they are naturally compromising and nurturing. Some however go too far and may continuously yield to the wishes of others. Being soft and friendly can sometimes make blue people an easy target to those who wish to take advantage of this trait. Blue people can also be intensely stubborn and can earn a reputation for never backing down. Many have an open and friendly demeanour that draws other people toward them. Their natural ability to relate to others combined with a group ethic, draws a number of blue people into management roles.

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Orange Life Themes

Many orange people are highly emotional with a focus on loyalty and support. They love to contribute and improve the lives of those around them and are quick to offer their help to anyone who needs it. Unfortunately for some orange people, their demand for loyalty can create long and painful memories if others let them down. Organised and resourceful, orange people are known for their endurance and their ability to see projects through. Many are perfectionists who find it difficult to say no and as a result end up over burdened and stressed. Emotions are often the orange person's weakness, and when they are out of balance through stress or exhaustion their emotions can range from cold and practical to dramatic and hysterical.

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Purple Life Themes

Attention is often a life theme for purple and many strive to be the centre of attention. Some purple people experience a strong sense of expectation that stems from their feelings of attention and focus. It is not unusual for purple people to feel that others are looking up to them and expecting great things. Their need for attention can also create unrealistic demands on other people in regards to love and commitment. Wanting to give attention as well as receive it, many purple people find themselves in counselling roles.
It is not unusual for a complete stranger to open up to a purple person and tell them their whole life story. Many are highly intuitive and it is common to find them drawn to the arts or spiritual understanding. Purple people are devoted to those whom they love and like nothing better than spoiling those around them. Out of balance they can become jealous and suspicious and can cause others to turn on them due to their excessive demands. Some purple people move beyond intuition and become psychic.

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Green Life Themes

Many green people have highly attuned senses. Their eyesight is sharp and their hearing acute. Their heightened senses combined with an active mind make green people keen observers of the world around them. Many green people are capable of taking in vast amounts of information quickly, their sharp reactive senses providing clarity which is utilised for perception and decision making. This green ability to absorb information quickly makes many of them specialists in their field. Green people value quality over quantity. Many are excellent communicators. Green people are known for their sense of fun and some chase sensory stimulating activities. However there is another green type who cannot tolerate excessive stimulation or input. These people are quiet and reserved shying away from anything invigorating, preferring to live in a world of quiet and peace.

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Brown Life Themes

Brown people have a number of social survival skills in common. Many brown people feel vulnerable and isolated when they are stressed or exhausted. Some try to control their environment in an attempt to overcome their internal anxiety, by keeping everything around them in order. Some brown people are exacting perfectionists who leave nothing to chance. Problem solving is a brown specialty, so too is finding balance and harmonious solutions. ‘What is best for everybody' is often a brown person's philosophy. However in seeking balance and harmony, many brown people fall victim as they try to be everything to everybody. Trying to please everyone leaves this type of brown person feeling lost, isolated and exhausted. Others, in an attempt to prove they are not as vulnerable as they feel, adopt a deliberately aggressive and confrontational manner. Generally however, brown people are well liked and friendly providing the connection that links a number of other people together

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