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David Bowie

Facial features showing dominant brown energy

Yellow - 5
Red - 4
Blue - 5
Hairline shape
Forehead shape
Nose shape
Lines under eyes
Bridge shape
Line bridge

Born David Robert Jones on the 8th January 1947, David Bowie first reached the charts with ‘Space Oddity’ in 1969. David Bowie belongs to the brown colour group which includes the instincts of the craftsman. The craftsman is a traditional role that designs, restructures and reinvents. A traditional role is an historical task needed for civilisation to flourish.

Every traditional role fulfills a basic need. Human beings are communal and we rely on each other to survive. Part of our survival instinct is dedicated to socially surviving. This is achieved by instinct reverting to behaviour and skills it believes it can supply to others. For people who belong to the brown colour group, this means fulfilling the role of the craftsman – perfecting and making things better.

David Bowie demonstrates this trait with a history of reinventing himself. His is a career filled with different musical styles and characters.

Brown is the craftsman so it is natural to rework and refine what to others may seem already perfect. This desire to rework and redesign has been constant throughout David Bowie’s career. From his early experimental sounds to the glam rock of the 70’s, David Bowie has ranged from soul to funk to pop. Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke are just two of the stage characters he has created.

To outsiders hedonism seems compulsory to the rock and roll lifestyle and often brown are seduced the most. Over doing a task is what the craftsman does best and brown people when they are out of balance fall easily into this trap. Over-eating or using an excess of substances are both ways of coping as well as a desire for some brown people. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing, is this type of brown person’s motto. However this natural tendency to over-do does not have to be negative. Massive amounts of high quality work have been created with the help of the survival instinct of the craftsman because it is designed to keep going.

The craftsman survived by continually improving their product, making it better, smoother and more polished. David Bowie whether in the studio or in concert, tries to make each album or show better than the last by experimenting, changing and refining his style.

Many people cling to their name and background because it defines who they are. The craftsman because they re-shape and re-mold has a personality able to shed and remodel more than people from other colours groups. Bowie became his adopted surname to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of the Monkees. This was the first display of his ability to re-invent himself.

Seemingly contrary to the ability to change is the ability to stay strong and independent. At first these two qualities may seem at odds but one allows the other. Being confident and internally strong is the secret of being able to change character. This resilience and independence allows certain types of brown people the courage to be anything or anyone they wish. They are less bound to convention than many other people because they don’t care what other people think or demand. They are going to do what they want in their own way.

David Bowie has remained a force in contemporary music because of these brown craftsman traits. 

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