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JK Rowling


Facial features showing dominant green energy

Yellow - 7
Red - 2
Blue - 6
Hairline shape
Eyes shape
Nose shape
Lines forehead
Lines beside mouth
Hairline height
Lines cheeks

Born Joanne Rowling on 31st July 1965, J.K Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series which have sold almost 400 million copies worldwide.

After finishing school she attended Exeter University where she studied French. Her parents believed being a bilingual secretary would be a good career for her. However this was not the case and she described herself as ‘the worst secretary ever’, calling herself disorganized and a person who would write stories instead of taking notes like she was employed to do.

Joanne Rowling is green and this colour group includes the instincts gained by performing the traditional role of the hunter. In the unconscious instinct of green are specific ways of learning. The hunter comes from a culture where communication was strong. This is because the human hunter relies on communication to be effective. Other hunting animals have speed or strength, some have venom or camouflage. Human hunters have none of these things. Human hunters rely on a quick brain, conceptual thinking and the ability to communicate.

The hunter also relies on stimulation and adrenalin, they are vital for their role. Inside the survival instinct of green, are the unconscious memories of the habits and dangers of thousands of generations of hunters. These reactions come to the surface whenever green are stressed.

Areas of life that are defined as stress differ in each colour group. One of the main stressors for green is boredom. When Joanne Rowling became listless and bored during her secretarial duties, her mind instinctively made up stories that were infinitely more exciting. Adrenalin comes from excitement and stimulation and it is here many green people call home. If their lives are not externally stimulating, they will internally invent one to fulfill this need. Harry Potter began on a dull 4 hour train trip to London.

The ability to invent and conceptualize is not exclusive to green but it is common. Green people are good at converting abstract concepts into something tangible. J.K. Rowling demonstrates this ability in the Harry Potter novels. Here she takes abstract concepts like magic, religion, emotion and mystery and expresses them in simple everyday language through stories that all ages enjoy.

Green has a mind specifically designed to turn the conceptual into reality. The hunter’s senses perceive a variety of disconnected events that their mind brings together to form logic. A rustle of a bush and a snapping twig are separate events by themselves but put together can alert the hunter that a predator or prey is close by. The instinct to connect and draw conclusions continues in green people today although it is put to a different use.

Green does not like failure any more than anyone else but because of the experiences of the hunter, the unconscious instinct of green can rationalize and accept that every effort doesn’t always result in success. The hunter did not always catch food and many times traps remained empty; this was just part of life and the hunter learned to keep going. This outlook can be a valuable asset for green. It kept J.K.Rowling from folding under pressure when her original manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses.

Another green aspect to J.K.Rowling’s biography is her rags to riches life story. Green is a constantly flowing energy, and green people, like people from any colour group, manifest their internal state in their external actions or events. For J.K.Rowling this green story of extremes is shown from being a creative woman, broke and a single mother, diagnosed as clinically depressed, into a happily married mother and one of the most successful authors of all time.

J.K.Rowling demonstrates the importance of understanding and applying our natural talents. Using her creativity and ability to communicate she was able to construct many of the characters and events for her novels. From her depression for example came the idea of the Dementors - black soulless beings who terrorize everyone simply with their presence. J.K.Rowling is displaying the green ability to rationalize the abstract and conceptual. This time however this ability was reversed by making the Dementors a conceptualized version of reality.

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