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Muhammad Ali


Facial features showing dominant brown energy

Yellow - 6
Red - 6
Blue - 6

Hairline shape
Forehead shape
Eyes shape
Chin angle
Lines forehead


Gaps teeth

Bridge shape
Bridge line

Ears size

Based on an extensive study of images and video footage, Muhammad Ali has been assessed as belonging to the brown group.

The following is a homeopathic repertorisation to show which remedy/remedies would most have suited Ali.  Sadly he died in 2016 so this can never be tested.

As with all cases, a totality approach gives the best chance of finding an appropriate remedy to give a patient, to improve health and balance the body. 

Repertorisation (where key traits and symptoms are grouped to find which remedy covers the case) brings a number of remedies to the attention.  The color energy (miasm in homeopathy) further enhances the remedy choice by matching the internal energy of the person to the internal energy of the remedy.

Characteristics/symptoms. As with many celebrities, personal information is not available, so this analysis is heavy on subjective emotional/personality traits.  A more accurate analysis would include 2-4 physical generals and only 1-3 mental/emotional symptoms.

Mind - Audacity (75)*

Mind - Dance, desire to (75)

Mind - Fight, wants to (108)

Mind - Laughing (282) - this rubric is chosen due to Ali's continuous joking and rhyming verse

Mind - Loquacity (267) - Ali could talk straight for 15 minutes without interruption - see 1974 interview with Michael Parkinson

Generatlities - Injuries (425)

Generalities - Trembling, external (538) - this rubric represents Ali's body, after the onseet of Parkinson's Disease


*Reperotory package - Complete Dynamics - Professional version

Remedies - Carc, Ign, Bell, Merc, Lach, Cic, Hyos, Agar, Stram, Tarent, Plat, Apis, Acon, Cann S, bov, Verat, Aur, Nat C, Camph, Tab, Cocc, Arn, Nux V, Caust, Sil


Remedies from the brown group, covered by this totality - Carc, Nat C, Caust, Sil.